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5006 - Sequoia Tree Wildlife Playset

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Sequoia Tree Wildlife Playset

Put your hand inside the tree and poke critters out throughout the 6 holes between the branches and at the bottom of the tree. Six different finger puppets included! These adorable little finger puppets of Native California species include: a Steller's Jay, Red Fox, Brown Bear, Squirrel, Spotted Owl and Rabbit.

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2007 HOMESCHOOL.COM Best Educational Gifts
Dr. Toy 10 Best Socially Responsible Products Winner
2005 DR. TOY 100 Best Children's Products

Puppet Stats
Length Width Height Weight
9" LONG 9" WIDE 17" TALL .76 LBS




  • The giant sequoias, or redwoods, only grow in a few spots in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Some trees have been growing there for 3,000 years.

  • The oldest "bigtrees" are taller than a 20-story building. If you held hands with your friends, it would take 30 of you to go all the way around the trunk.

  • Many animals and birds make their homes and find their food in the sequoias. The red squirrel is very fond of bigtree cones and seeds.

  • Up in the tree, you might hear noisy jays squawking at each other, or the woo, woo, woo of a spotted owl perched on a branch.


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